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Photography isn't my only passion. Traveling to unknown destinations, experiencing new cultures, and seeing the beauty of this great, big world compels me to reach for my camera. The two, together, are like peanut butter and chocolate, Fred and Ginger, surf and get the picture. (Get it? The picture?)

This is my first attempt to blog about my travel experiences as I take the photos. Who knows what will come of this?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that jazz...

Well, so far, this blog has been a real bust! I had all these grand ideas of journaling as I photograph, but so far, I haven't managed to do that. I am taking a trip at the end of the month. My GOAL is to write out my thoughts at the end of each day. Here's hoping!

Anyway, I've put some of my work up for sale here: Why on Fine Art America and not on Smugmug, you ask? Well, of course, I would sell anything on Smugmug to whoever wanted to buy it, but I haven't been as careful to select only photos that would be top quality printed out at a large size, and certainly not careful enough to select photos I'd hang in a gallery! The ones I am listing on Fine Art America, however, are print worthy at large sizes and the cream of the crop as far as images I've taken to date. You can visit my gallery specifically, but if you do a search on the following items, I'm listed that way as well, and you can do a comparison of my work against other folk's work. Give me your best critique! Gulp. :)

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